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We Value Patient Feedback

Aug 27, 2019

Patient Satisfaction Survey Report

Patient satisfaction surveys are regularly conducted in an effort to help Glenelg Community Hospital identify any areas where we may need to improve and to collect ideas from the people that matter most, you.

We were extremely pleased with the latest round of responses, highlighting without a doubt that staff professionalism, care and respect leaves a lasting impression for many that come to us for their health needs.

We are also very pleased to report that many respondents enjoyed the food that is offered prior and after surgery, with one person commenting that our food is of a home cooked quality. We were able to identify that we need to consider a broader range of options for our longer stay patients and this is in review.

In regards to information provided prior to admission we found that a large majority of patients were satisfied, with others dealing with some confusion. As always we will continue to evaluate and improve these procedures to the best of our ability.

Many people commented on the cleanliness and comfortability of our facility, this is an area that is not only important to us but is also paramount in a hospital environment.

Considering individual medical procedures there was a resounding positive response in regards to the explanation patients received relating to all aspects of their care including their surgery or treatment, anaesthesia, medication requirements and possible side effects. It was also mentioned by survey respondents that call button requests were attended to efficiently.

Survey respondents suggested that we could consider emailing paperwork rather than providing hard paper copy in some instances. This is an appreciated idea that may also allow us to further improve our environmental footprint.

What you had to say:

“Fantastic staff and Hospital facilities. A big thank you to all.”

 “Thank you for the care. Everyone was polite and extremely professional.”

“Overall an excellent Hospital - warm, welcoming and efficient. Well Done.”

“I wish all hospitals were as good as this.”

“We will only go to doctors who use GCH to care for patients. We have been coming for many years. Both our children were born here.”

“A most calming, gracious and altogether professional caring experience.”

“I was put at ease immediately and very clean.”

“Friendly staff, professional and fully informed me throughout. Fast and efficient day surgery.”

As well as our regular surveys, we are also inviting people to be a part of our bi-monthly customer focus groups. This is an opportunity for people (previous patients) to come together and discuss their journey and help GCH identify new ways to improve the patient experience.  If you feel like you have valuable feedback to share at one of our bi-monthly meetings you can contact Anna on 8294 5555.

Alternatively if you would like to submit your feedback and suggestions confidentially at any time we welcome you to email

Glenelg Community Hospital is committed to providing quality, holistic healthcare services to its community.